Patient-Centered Healthcare Applications that Measure, Inform, and Empower

For improved outcomes throughout the continuum of care

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About Us

BrightOutcome develops patient-centered healthcare applications designed to enhance lives and improve patient health outcomes. Our web apps and Healthcare IT solutions include stand-alone web portals, Web Services (WS) integration with EHR/EMR and legacy Health IT systems, and custom implementation projects.

Many of our clients and partners specialize in treating and managing Cancer and other chronic health conditions, though our ePRO, Patient Portal, and Symptom Management systems can be configured to support a research and care across a variety of populations and clinical domains. BrightOutcome provides tools specifically designed for use by patients, practitioners, and clinical trial managers and other population health researchers. Our tools work together or independently to record, measure, and analyze patient health status to provide actionable insights which enhance clinical decision-making and improve patient health outcomes throughout the continuum of care.

What Do Our Systems Do?

  • Measure

    Measure the qualitative impact of treatment pathways on patient quality of life before, during, and after a clinical encounter

  • Inform

    Provide clinical decision support insights to the right people, at the right time, in the right channel

  • Empower

    Engage, inform and empower patients and their loved ones to better self-manage throughout the continuum of care

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